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Hi! I am posting the conversation between Alex Chitty and I in regards to an educational component for Rider in chicago. The initial conversation is below, and the followups will be in the comment section of this post. Please post feedback!

Email sent last week:
Hi Alex,
How are you? I am Cassie, and I am one of the NY artists in the Rider Project. I was hoping we could begin a dialogue about the educational program you suggested in your proposal for Emerald City. Are you interested in developing that as a component of your piece? Or as a supplement to the overall show? I would love to help you develop a plan! Let me know what you are thinking about in terms of content and logistics.


Blogger rider said...

Hi Cassie:
Thanks for writing.
The education idea was more for the Rider Project in general rather
than specifically aimed at my piece. I am not sure what the content of
the other works are, but I think it would be interesting to get a
younger group out to see The Emerald City. I don't know how far in
advance teachers have to plan field trips in Chicago so that may be an issue.
Basically I think it is important to get kids out to look at this
stuff. Topics to discuss or develop a short curricula from could
revolve around: What makes up a seed and how it works, non-native
species in Chicago, recycling, and more..... it would depend.

Hi Alex!
Sorry for my slow reply, I ditched the computer for the weekend. In a
way I was doing my homework as i took off to go to Berlin to witness
an inaugural weekend of an experimental art school. I am very
interested in the integration of art and education and experience was a
real eye opener. If you are interested in this kind of thing, check
out www.unitednationsplaza.org.
Anyway, I think it would be great to develop an education component for
the project. Working in public schools, I am quite confident that a
field trip is possible- very little is concrete in public schools,
especially afterschool programs. I actually really like the idea of
kids doing a little green project in or around the truck. Nobody is
greener than kids.
IDEA. My 2 little brothers go to school in the burbs (Arlington
Heights) and maybe we could convince them to get their classes to come
(they are in the 9-12 age ballpark).
maybe we could make a felt garden under the truck or something, just
temporary, like with velcro and cutting out little plants that can
survive in the tropical shade of the underbelly of the truck? I
realize we are low on time but I think there is enough if we both
decide to. if that is too much, what about getting kids to make little
plants somehow and decorate parts of the truck with green ideas?
What do you think? Is it too much?
I am meeting with all the other Rider-ers tomorrow night and will get
back to you about the floor and to get opinions on the education component...

(Alex to Cassie) Great Ideas!!!
I can't wait to meet you. You've got the "good egg" enthusiasm!
Contacting a class we already now will be easier than making contact
with an unknown school. So let's pull forward on that, though I will
contact a few local people and see what I can pull together too. The
school has programs for kids, I'll find out about that.
The "microclimate" under the truck is a great idea. It speaks to plant
adaptations and evolution. If we had a good 2 hours, we could
acomplish that.
Here's some other ones that pop in my head:
making a ton of green felt leaves with wire ends, attaching to a tree
that will stay "green" (or whatever color) all winter.
making little bird kites that actually fly.
Getting a big box of daffodill bulbs and planting them (in....can't
think exactly where yet), so that come spring they explode.
But actually I like the microclimate one. that way the kids could learn
about plant parts and create a plant specifically for the truck and
maybe some new bird species to keep watch overhead, or new mammal
species to spread the seeds of the truck!!!

(Cassie to Alex) Woooh!
Another thought with the underneath the truck climate, maybe we could use the cheap little solar lights from home depot to make our environment extra specific? I could work on that if it is of interest. It could be funny to play music (boombox) and see how sound affects the climate under there. I have worked under the truck in the past and I find it to be the best place to hang out. I actually have instructions on how to convert these kind of solar lights into fans and I dont think it's too complicated.
I will contact my family re: a field trip. If we can't organize a 'school trip' i could definitely get my family to get a big group of my bro's friends to come. And even if there were just 10 kids, that would be cool. Documentation will be so much fun too!

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