Wednesday, October 25, 2006


We have been in touch with many of you 1:1 about your proposals for the upcoming exhibition. Jason Brown, of SURVIVAL DESIGN, will be handling all questions about installation, and you can direct them to him, here.

Please NOTE the truck will NOT have sheetrock walls. We will be using the truck in its raw state, and installing lighting on the ceiling. We will be using a 15' rented Ryder Co box-truck which runs on diesel -- so we can use bio-fuel.

Special hanging techniques and/or hardware are often necessary for "art in a truck" since all trucks BOUNCE, and bouncey art needs special consideration... Please think this issue through, and talk with Jason for suggestions or if you have any questions.

The attached image is from the RIDER Project's For Given: 1. Mobility 2.Chance exhibition, 2005, and gives you a good idea of a "raw" Ryder box truck. ALTHOUGH every truck is slightly different.



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