Saturday, October 21, 2006

Welcome to the RIDER Project Emerald City blog! This will be the group forum for artists participating in the upcoming RIDER 2006 Emerald City exhibition. We will use this blog to communicate about the logistics and 'infrastructure building' about the show. Please check this blog and your email daily.
Over the next month you'll be creating the Emerald City RIDER Project and exhibiting with: Michele Gambetta, the artist who founded and directs the RIDER Project, artists Aaron Zimmerman, Cassie Thornton and Tamara Gubernat from New York City, and Jason Brown from Survival Design.

The exhibition will take place on Sunday, Nov 19th, in conjunction with SAIC's Negotiated Localities Symposium: Artists, Designers and Citizens in a Green City. The RIDER Project is the designated Art Project for the symposium and will be parked on State Street in front of the Gene Siskel Auditorium. This exciting, high visibility venue was chosen by SAIC's Visiting Artists Program.

The installation and deinstallation of the show will span Nov 17-21, and we will be sending more specific info on times as we get closer to the date. PLEASE SAVE THESE DAYS FOR THE RIDER PROJECT. This artists' project requires a time commitment. Every participating artist and their contribution matters. Please review your schedule before committing to this show.

We will be including you in the "infrastructure building" of the exhibit: the art installation, artists presentation, documentation of the exhibit, PR and graphic design. As a result you'll gain a taste of the work and freedom involved creating a mobile exhibition, and have that possibility in your arsenal of tools for the future.

The RIDER is a social sculpture and it is highly organic. Genuine dialouge, wholistic learning and self-empowerment are goals. All questions, comments and thoughts are invited! You will be working directly with RIDER artists, and being incorporated into the show as a colleague. The vibration of the show is high and professional, and we are looking forward to working together.

Please prepare to focus upon this special opportunity, to work hard, make some great art and enjoy!

Looking forward!

Aaron Zimmerman
Cassie Thornton
Tamara Gubernat
Jason Brown
Michele Gambetta, Founder and Director


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